武井裕之 渡邊安治 ふたり展 two and one half  二番目の次の恋

What a thrilling exhibition!
The combined crafts of Takei Hiroyuki and Watanabe Yasuji strive to scrawl the line between angels and devils in a collection of photos both graceful and dangerous.
One could easily drown in the peaceful bliss, or be torn apart by the escalated levels of sensuality.
Should one hail the work of the two photographers, or the fruit of their combined effort?
That I will leave up to you. With that said, the curtain opens on the show you’ve all been waiting for.
Iizawa Kotaro (photography critic)
November 27(Wed)-December 14(Sat)
Hiroyuki Takei & Yasuji Watanabe joint exhibition “two and one half”
Gallery hours during the exhibition are 12:00-18:00 from Wednesday through Sunday (19:00 on Friday) 
The Gallery is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

白浜公平先生と歩く神保町マンホールガイドツアー『下を向いて歩こう!』 2013年11月9日開催(おさんぽ神保町主催)

白汚零 写真展「虚うろ」


相反するもの。実像と虚像。実像とは何か。目に見えるものは光を反射するもの。物質は見えても空間は見えない。太陽と暗黒。地上界と地下世界。両者を隔ててるのはマンホールの蓋。穴は虚像。なぜなら光を反射しないから。見えているのは穴を構成する回りの物質。フィルムは虚像を記録しない。ゆえに無粒子。回りがどんなに粗粒子であっても。 Opposites. Reality and fiction. What is the true image? What is visible is reflected by light. Even though what is actually seen is invisible space. Sunshine and darkness. The world of the surface and the world of the underground. What separates the two is the manhole cover. The hole is an idea, a mere concept. This is why a hole cannot be reflected in the light. What can be seen is that which is configured about the hole.Film does not record what does not exist. Therefore there are no particles. Even when very coarse particles abound. October 23 (Wed) – November 9 (Sat) Ray Shirao photo exhibition.
Gallery hours during the exhibition are 12:00-18:00 from Wednesday through Sunday (19:00 on Friday)
The Gallery is closed on Monday and Tuesday. 

酒井敦 展写真百物語 蛇喰(じゃばみ)の巻

September 18 (Wed) – October 5 (Sat) Atsushi Sakai photo exhibition.
When I was a child, a traveling toad oil salesman came to the town where I was born. He opened up his large trunk to reveal a great number of snakes. He snatched up a single snake from the trunk and let it bite his arm. The blood ran down his arm, dripping onto the ground. At that point, the salesman applied a dab of toad oil to his arm, which stopped the blood flowing from his wound almost instantly. For some time after that, I was plagued by dreams in which I was surrounded by an untold number of snakes.      
  ’Shashin Hyakumonogatari’ are tales told in words and photographs which are inspired by the Japanese ghost stories of yore. The Japanese word ‘jabami’ literally means ‘to eat a snake.’ I brought in a real python for this work. I am still frightened by snakes to this day, but the beautiful woman who appears in the story is at times more frightening than the snake, though she is also sad.




The gallery will only be open from Thursday to Saturday (July 4~6 / July 11~13)from 13:00 ~ 18:00. Please check the homepage for any other changes.)
村田兼一 作品展示期間 7月4日~6日 7月11日~13日

村田兼一 写真集「Another Tale of Princess」出版記念展

June 12 (Wed) -June 29 (Sat) Ken-ichi Murata solo exhibition “Another Tale of Princess” 
トークショー開催/村田モデルズとセルフ女の子写真家たち   出演者/飯沢耕太郎、村田兼一、口枷屋モイラ、村田タマ、七菜乃、谷崎榴美

清田一樹 写真展 「FREE AS THE WIND」


In the afterglow of the early evening sky, a cluster of windmills stands out atop a nearby hill, the turbines slowly and whimsically rotating.
 This constant repetition can be likened to perpetual motion.
 Like a pinwheel that mourns the dead, clattering away as the wind blows through it, the windmills continue turning, but for no one at all.
Yasuji Watanabe (Photographer・Editor)
 Recently, giant power-generating windmills have become fairly common sights all along the coast of Japan in harbors and on capes, as well as in mountain passes and the inland highlands. The larger ones are often as tall as a 30~40 floor building with rotors occasionally exceeding 100 meters in diameter.
 When one is near enough, they can appear as veritable giants bearing down intimidatingly, and still they blend into the landscape emanating a cool impartiality. The wind blows and turns the rotor, still it goes without saying that the pursuit of a singular form to perform this simple function required a radical departure from other forms of modern architecture.
 In the history of architecture, the “Tower” motif has often played a major role in paintings and photographs alongside of churches, castles, monuments, and high-rise buildings. These structures are always given a sense of harmony with the city it lies in or its sublime natural setting. With the power-generating windmills, however, they are seen as overly conspicuous, incongruous with their surroundings.
 “So long as there is wind, everything will be fine.” As a photographer, rather than focus on this solitary, or rather simplistic existence and making them the enemy of some natural order, I chose to approach them from every conceptual angle much like Don Quixote, charging at them as most worthy adversaries.
 May 8 (Wed) – May 25 (Sat) Kazuk Kiyota solo exhibition “FREE AS THE WIND”
Gallery hours during the exhibition are 12:00-18:00 from Wednesday through Sunday (19:00 on Friday) 
 The Gallery is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

口枷屋モイラ・村田タマ二人展 「少女ロイド -Girl’s Fiction-」

Having been present at a number of shoots, I have come to understand what these two are all about.In my case, there is a model and I take photographs. However, as they are their own subjects, they apply their make-up and go the extra mile in their shoots. Donning the sailor suits as they play the everyday schoolgirls, their extraordinary story unfolds with every soft shutter click.
Murata Ken’ichi, photographer
 人類の減少に伴い、学校制度や社会は機能しなくなった。はるか昔に従来の結婚制度は殆ど崩壊し、家族も共に暮らすことはなく、人々は好みのアンドロイドと生活していた。その中でも最も愛されたのが「少女ロイド」。 好きな年齢に設定でき、マスターの好みをインプットし、アンドロイドたちはどんな要望にも答えた。
 ――そして人類が滅びた数百年後の世界、2体の「少女ロイド」がぱちりと目を覚ます。  In the year 2XXX,  humanity was slowly disappearing off the face of the planet.
 As the number of people decreased,  schools and society ceased to function.The traditional idea of marriage had become ancient history. People no longer lived with their families. Rather, they lived with androids customized to their liking. One of the most popular models was the “Girldroid”. They could be programmed to correspond to a specific age,  and would be able to do anything that the master programmed them to do.
 –Hundreds of years after the last humans had died, two Girldroids suddenly open their eyes.
 滅びた世界で、亡き主人のインプットした情報により、2体のアンドロイドが想像で”女子高生”の日常を演じるというSFストーリー「少女ロイド」をテーマとしたコラボ作品をメインに展示。In a future in which mankind has disappeared, 2 androids take on the appearance and mannerisms of high school girls as they were programmed to be by their long deceased master, in this science fiction inspired “Girldroid” collaboration exhibition.
April 17 (Wed) -April 28 (Sun) Kuchikaseya Moira & Murata Tama collaborative exhibition “Girldroid – Girl’s Fiction”   
Gallery hours during the exhibition are 12:00-18:00 from Wednesday through Sunday (19:00 on Friday) 
 The Gallery is closed on Monday and Tuesday.


Shot at close range, the hips, the breasts, the lips, the expressions…Handa Ryosuke’s close-up eroticism.
Rare Polaroids will also be on display.


飯沢耕太郎(写真評論家)All of us have our own intimate recollections of our first love.
It could be possible that Takei Hiroyuki’s pictures have the ability to inspire those vivid bitterweet memories.
Perhaps it is the unrequited feelings of that time that make the memories so precious.
When that tiny box, shut up in a drawer and forgotten for such a long time, is once again opened,
fleeting glimpses of past longing, regret, and purgation take shape in the mind.
Iizawa Kotaro (photography critic)
The Takei Hiroyuki photo exhibition “First Love” will run from March 6 (Wed) – March 23 (Sat).
Gallery hours during the exhibition are 12:00-18:00 from Wednesday through Sunday (19:00 on Friday)
The Gallery is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

私にとって日常のひとときを写真に写す行為は「物事は偶然ではなく、全て必然である」という事を、より明確にする作業であり、作品を通して自分自身と出会うための必然(necessary)なのです。 The countless things we come across, the places we pass, the scenes we see in our every day life…
These are usually slipped by after some moments without even conscious. However, some of those moments magically come back to our life later with clear meanings. They can even lead to fateful encounter.To shoot and capture every day moments as photography is the process to re-clarify that “all the things happen inevitability, rather than accidentally”. It is a process to inevitable re-discover of myself through my own artworks.